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We need your financial support more than ever. Our partner food banks are low on stock and variety, limiting what we are able to get for no/low cost. On top of that, we have a higher number of local families needing food assistance. This means we will have to purchase much of the food for the pantry through retail outlets, and food prices are rising. We have set a monthly goal of $500 for this purpose. Please give what you can so that together we can fill the bellies and the hearts of our neighbors and community members.  


January 2022 Food Donations

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We rely on donations of food and financial support from generous community members to serve local families. Each month we provide 4-5 full meal kits and additional food staples to each family. Think of it as HelloFresh+, pantry style.

Financial donations each month will be used to fill holes in the food donation list. Any remaining balance will be used to purchase additional food items, such as butter, juice, fruit, etc., or will rollover to next month.

April Pantry Donations